Types of Claim


If you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, then you are likely to be feeling a number of things: frustrated, angry, upset and, of course, anxious about what to do next.

If your employer has let you go without meeting your statutory rights, then your dismissal may automatically be classed as unfair and you should have a right to make a claim. These statutory rights include a right to parental leave, sick leave and time off for dependants and public duties. If an employer dismisses you for any such reason, then you should have a strong case for unfair dismissal.

Some cases are more complicated and you may feel that you were unfairly dismissed but are unsure if you can prove it. At UDD we can assess your situation free of charge and can help you decide what to do next.

We can also help if you have been a victim of constructive dismissal. If you feel that your employers’ behaviour left you with no option but to quit your job, then this is also grounds for action. You may have felt forced out for many reasons, including bullying, harassment, a breach of your contract or an unacceptable change to your working conditions, such as being made to drastically change your hours or location of work.

If you have been forced to leave your job or unfairly dismissed, you do not just have to accept it and move on. Perhaps your friends or family have told you it isn’t worth making a fuss about; well it is – you should not be disadvantaged through no fault of your own.

At UDD we can use our extensive knowledge in the field to advise if you have a case which can help you plan your next course of action; and because we provide our initial consultation for free, you can find out your employment rights without any obligation to pay.